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Meet the Team

Andrew S. McGhee

Andrew S. McGhee President, AloStar Capital

Andrew S. McGhee - President, AloStar Capital

Andy McGhee has a clear sense of what a lender should be: more than a source of capital, a resource for growth. Andy's belief is backed up by deep experience in traditional banking, private equity, and every facet of commercial banking and finance, expertise acquired at some of the nation's finest banks, including Citicorp, Bank of America Business Credit, and SunTrust. Along the way, Andy also co-founded and grew a successful private equity firm.

As head of AloStar Commercial Lending, Andy will apply diverse and rich experience to innovative asset-based lending, creating solutions custom-made for businesses in the $10 million to $300 million range – in other words, you.

Susan Hall

Susan Hall Managing Director Head Of Portfolio Mgmt

Susan Hall - Managing Director Head Of Portfolio Mgmt

If you think bankers aren't fired up, then you've not met Susan Hall. During her 30 years of experience at GE Capital, SunTrust, and Citicorp, Susan has remained passionate about the nature of what we do. "Our clients are at the very core of the American economy. It's an honor to work for an organization that wants to serve them better." Susan's commitment to what she does is evidenced in her comprehensive, client-centric approach to lending – one where the lender does everything possible to ensure success.

At AloStar, Susan has the autonomy to find better, more innovative ways to serve you with our lending, while carefully managing risk. This means you receive the kind of experience and advice you need to keep your company strong and growing. Susan wouldn't have it any other way.

David Phillips

David Phillips Managing Director Head Of Originations

David Phillips - Managing Director Head Of Originations

Banking is about money. Good banking is about relationships. That's why David Phillips is one of the best in the business, because he provides 25 years of experience in asset-based lending through leaders such as The CIT Group, Wells Fargo Capital Finance, and Regions Business Capital. More importantly, he has 25 years of experience cultivating relationships, solving problems, and building trust among his clients – particularly among mid-sized businesses.

That's what makes him a good fit at AloStar, and makes us a good fit for you. We provide top-shelf asset-based lending to mid-level companies, delivering those solutions with creativity, experience, and a passion to help you succeed. So while we believe in a team approach to individual customer needs like yours, our team consists of all-stars such as David, giving you the capital solutions you deserve.

Michael F. Lapresi

Michael F. Lapresi Chief Credit Officer, AloStar Capital Finance

Michael F. Lapresi - Chief Credit Officer, AloStar Capital Finance

The best bankers are passionate bankers. And there is no better way to describe Michael Lapresi, who has served in corporate lending for 40 years. He has worked in portfolio management, underwriting and credit risk management, and was a member of the original AloStar management team.

Michael not only has his many years of knowledge to offer his clients, but also experience in a wide range of transaction sizes, structures and industries. This varied background allows him to adapt to any clients’ needs and pull from a vast treasure-trove of knowledge.

John Todd

John Todd Director

John Todd - Director

After more than 17 years of originating, underwriting, and managing asset-based loans, John Todd worked with a varied slate of clients as Vice President of Business Development at First Capital. But all his transactions over the years share one thing in common: John's unique gift for analysis and an ability to forge deep personal relationships based on mutual trust and respect. These qualities have taken him far, and fuel his belief that small- and mid-sized companies deserve as high a degree of service as any billion-dollar company. After all, with the right funding, that's exactly what they could grow to be.

That makes John an excellent fit for AloStar, leading our efforts in Chicago and the Midwest. Because we, too, have a mission to grow companies like yours with the right financial instruments, provided by a team of experienced leaders in asset-based lending. The result is creativity, problem-solving, and a desire to help companies like yours grow. After all, if you succeed, we succeed. And to John, that's why he got into the business in the first place.

Mark Buren

Mark Buren Director

Mark Buren - Director

Energy. Expertise. Experience. When Mark Buren is discussed, those are the adjectives that crop up time after time. It's for a good reason. Mark built a distinguished 20-year career at well-respected institutions, like Wells Fargo, in business development from purchase order finance to asset-based and cash flow healthcare transactions. Yet the most important asset of all is Mark's focus on maintaining excellent relationships with clients throughout the mid-Atlantic states.

That's why clients respect both him and his work. We at AloStar share those same values when it comes to asset-based lending, which is why Mark is such an outstanding member of our team. Relationships, energy, and expertise are precisely what mid-level companies such as yours need. And it's what we deliver, day after day, transaction after transaction.

Stacey Alatis

Stacey Alatis Managing Director

Stacey Alatis - Managing Director

To say that Stacey Alatis brings extensive asset based lending, leveraged cash flow, and commercial lending experience to the AloStar people portfolio is an understatement. With more than three decades of experience, he has sold, structured and shepherded deals ranging anywhere from $5 million to almost $1 billion in value. He has helped companies get started, restructure, and find new legs. Stacey started out with Ameritrust Company National Association (now Key Bank) back in the '80s, learned corporate banking with Bayerische Vereinsbank, and has worked along the way with household names like Wachovia, Wells Fargo, and Regions Bank. Understandably, Stacey has cultivated an extensive collection of referral sources and business connections.

It's easy to say 'we grow the businesses that grow America." But getting in under the hood and truly understanding what makes the financial heart of a company beat requires experience, attention to detail, powerful connections, and a comprehensive understanding of financial complexities. Stacey brings all of this and more to AloStar.

Jonathan E. Schuster

Jonathan E. Schuster Director - West Coast Region

Jonathan E. Schuster - Director - West Coast Region

Jonathan Schuster brings more than 20 years of commercial finance experience, having sourced, analyzed, underwritten and managed asset-based deals in both family office and regulated environments. Most recently, Jonathan spent six years at a division of one of the nation’s largest bank holding companies. In that role, he managed asset-based deals covering California, Oregon and Washington, and built a portfolio comprised of many business sectors including technology, manufacturing, distribution and service. Schuster is active in several industry groups including Association for Corporate Growth, Commercial Finance Association, and Turnaround Management Association, and engages with private equity sponsors and influencers. He received his bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Denver and MBA from the University of Southern California.

Based in AloStar’s Los Angeles office, Jonathan is a part of the business origination team, and is responsible for sourcing both asset-based and lender finance deals for the West Region of AloStar Capital Finance.